Casa de Snapdragon LLC is jointly owned by Arthur (Managing Editor) And Janet K. Brennan (Editor in Chief) Our company was founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2006 when we published our first book, A Stronger Grace, a wonderful book of spiritual poetry by Janet K. Brennan.

Due to the economy, we have been forced to change our business model to traditional/hybrid publishing - which includes cost sharing of the publication costs with the author - (manuscripts still go through an acquisition process and, if accepted, are put through editing, layout, cover design, and prepared for national distribution. All of these steps are accomplished with hands-on author involvement. Traditional/hybrid publishing models unite the best of both worlds to create a more efficient and author-friendly alternative that also produces high-quality books.):

  1. Royalties are paid as a set percentage of list price regardless of what we actually sell for. So, if we list a book at $16.95 and we sell it for $10.00, we pay the royalty based on the list price of $16.95.
  2. All of our titles are entered into world wide distribution via Ingram Distribution (the largest book distribution company in the world)
  3. We work very closely with the authors to produce the best book possible and one that both the authors and our company are proud to stand behind.
  4. We provide editing, cover design, and all other services included in the package price. There are no hidden charges.

Since our founding, we have hand picked authors from among the best writers around the globe and are constantly amazed at their talents.

We provide world wide distribution for our printed books through Ingram and Amazon and our eBooks thru Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble, KoboBooks (Canada), and OverDrive. We are constantly on the lookout for major distributors to partner with who will provide the best benefit to our authors.

We are not currently accepting inquiries since we are booked solid for the next two years.


For information on Casa de Snapdragon contact us via email.


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