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D. Allen Jenkins

D. Allen Jenkins hails from the heart of Buckeye Nation in Columbus, Ohio. He writes from the perspective of a husband of 28-years, the father of one son, and of being an ordained minister for over thirty-two years.

In 1998,Tibias Ivory: Through the Eyes of Innocence Mr. Jenkins began a battle with the debilitating disease of Multiple Sclerosis, which has left him numb over eighty-percent of his body. His musical talents were affected tremendously by the eroding effects of this malady, making his love of playing the piano an increasingly difficult task. At the inspiration of a pastoral friend, Mr. Jenkins realized the closing of one door was the opening of another, and he began reviving a latent longing to write creatively of the things held most important: his faith in Christ and his love for his family. His work seeks to honor them both in spirit and truth.

Mr. Jenkins' writing talents have won him accolades on every level of his career, from award winning sermons in both college and in his pastoral endeavors, to numerous recognitions for his poetry, including publication in several poetic journals, such as Illuminations (2005), The Private Lantern (2004), and Shadows of the Season: The Members Collection (2004). His poetry has been featured in many online venues, including JBStillwater.com, and Faithwriters.com.

In 2005, he earned The Gold Seal Award from FaithWriters.com for his debut novel, The Making of Tibias Ivory: Freedom's Quest.

Mr. Jenkins is a 1983 graduate of Ohio Christian University.

Casa de Snapdragon will be publishing Doug's newest book "The Making of Tibias Ivory: Through the Eyes of Innocence" in the Winter of 2009.