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Edward F. Mendez

On January 21, Ed Mendez was born at Doctor's Hospital in Los Angeles, California. Ed was a healthy infant taken home to Quonset hut settlement in Griffith Park built to house returning WWII soldiers and their families. Ed's parents eventually bought a house in the then-rural town of El Monte, a whopping fourteen miles from downtown LA. El Monte was wonderfully mixed. Ed grew up with people of every shade of humanity from all parts of the United States and the world. As a result, he had little idea of what racial prejudice was. Ed was always one of the very few students in his class who was a California native.

Sometime after the shocking assassination of President Kennedy, Ed's family moved to the San Jose, California area. They stayed there until the beginning of Ed's freshman year in high school when they moved to the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. There, Ed learned, first hand, what racial prejudice was. He did not like it. Fortunately, the family moved back to San Jose the summer prior to his sophomore year.

After high school and some unsuccessful college experiences, Ed found happiness in accepting his sexuality, finding love, and success in work. At 7-Eleven, he thrived in the Training Department. The company educated him in the skills and knowledge that he needed, and Ed earned a Certificate in Training Systems Design and Administration from San Diego State University. Ed was promoted to corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas where his success continued. He learned about Organizational Effectiveness at NTL in Virginia and Maine and Cognitive Learning in Phoenix. He created the first permanent computer-based training program for entry-level employees. Ed coached executives. He loved his work and loved working.

When Ed's first love died suddenly, he was overwhelmed by the chemicals that cause grief and went into therapy. That was one of the greatest boosts Ed ever had. Ed found the Unitarian Universalist Church, and he fell in love again. On May 19, 2007, Ed was married to Raymond J. McQueen, although this continues to go unrecognized by the state of Texas, On March 2, 2012, Ed and Ray were legally married in New York City. Ed and Ray are marriage equality activists and support many liberal causes.

Together, Ed and Ray have traveled to Peru, Argentina, France, Italy, and Switzerland, and visited Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic in late 2013. Meanwhile, they live happily on the outskirts of Santa Fe with Oscar, a rescue dog.

One Calamitous Spring