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John Newlin

John Newlin grew up in Springfield, Illinois where he attended grade school and high school before attending Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois. Even though he loved the small college environment he realized he had no viable career plan so he left college in the middle of his junior year to work for the State of Illinois in a concrete testing lab while he considered his career options.
    John always wanted to fly, so he applied to the Navy for acceptance in the Naval Aviation Cadet program. His application was accepted and he was inducted as a Cadet in July of 1957 at the Naval Air Station St. Louis, Missouri. His The Poetry Cafefather died during his transit from St. Louis to Pensacola thus his first two weeks on active duty were spent on emergency leave.
    Following his fatherís funeral, John returned to NAS Pensacola to begin his flight training. He was designated a Naval Aviator and commissioned an Ensign in May of 1959. During his 23 year career in the Navy, he flew fighter jets from the decks of 11 different aircraft carriers in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea. He saw aerial combat in the skies over North Vietnam in the summer of 1967. John was serving aboard U.S.S. Forrestal and U.S.S. Enterprise when both suffered horrendous flight deck fires.
    John applied for and was selected to participate in the Navyís College Degree Program to allow former Naval Aviation Cadets to earn a baccalaureate degree in one calendar year. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics at San Diego State University in the summer of 1970.
    After his retirement from the Navy in February of 1980, John worked as a systems analyst and software engineer for several San Diego based Department of Defense contractors, including Computer Sciences Corporation and Hughes Aircraft. While working for Computer Sciences Corporation he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. John left Hughes in 1987 to market personal computer software that he had developed. He operated his software business for 11 years before retiring to Vista, California. During 1987 and 1988 John was a regular contributor of technical articles to The Programmerís Journal magazine.
    Johnís best friend is his wonderful sister Carol Armstrong, who lives in Overgaard, Arizona. His lovely daughter Deidre, is a psychologist living in Oceanside, California. His most favorite nieces are Janet Schomaker of Mesa, Arizona and Sandy Love of Salida, California.