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Jon Hovis

Jon Hovis is a writer of Western fiction and an associate member of the Western Writers of America, an organization which promotes the literature and authors of the American West. Jon has written two previous books, The Feather Gang, and The Preacher, both featuring his protagonist Deputy U.S. Marshal Jake Silver. The Feather Gang is written as a traditional western story while The Preacher and Silverton Gold include many historical facts.

Born and raised in Maryland, Jon grew up reading many genres of books including Westerns such as Louis L 'Amour and enjoying Western movies with stars such as John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. After moving to New Mexico as a young man, Jon finds himself living in the west that he used to read about. Jon's books reflect his passion for the history and diversity of the old west. The Southwest is rich in its diverse culture from ancient Indian and pueblo societies to the Spanish and Anglo influences, and a vast range of landscapes from the Rocky Mountains to the high deserts and wild river canyons. Jon's love of this natural beauty inspires his writing and way of life.

Jon currently lives in New Mexico with his wife and daughter. He has played trumpet since his school days and now plays weekly in church and also sings in the choir. His many passions include hiking the American Southwest, exploring remote canyons, mineshafts, ghost towns and Indian ruins, caving and canoeing, and old steam trains.

Please visit Jon at http://www.jonhovis.com/ and the featured author page at Western eBooks

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