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Katy Lente

Bosque Farms is dear to me. My retired military parents moved here in 1967 when I was in grade school. I grew up on horseback, for the most part, aboard a series of beloved equine ranging from an amazing POA pony named Kachina Doll to my hot- tempered Quarter Horse, Miss Red April. Childhood in Albuquerque's bedroom community was magical, affording families an environment in which their kids could grow mentally and chase dreams like cowboys in the Wild West.

I chose to make Bosque Farms my adult home, raise my two sons here, and find a fascinating life residing in Isleta Reservation with my husband. 2005 brought graduation from UNM's Anthropology Department and the loss of my mother who loved life in Bosque Farms. Since then, I've found great joy in teaching Gifted and Regular Ed Middle School Language Arts in Albuquerque Public Schools.

Central New Mexico is in my blood. I love the people here and especially love the horse community. I visit the same farm that I did when I was nine, under soaring elms that sheltered me then, and with the same people that filled my childhood. The horse is different, I'm not as capable a horsewoman as I once was, and the car traffic is definitely heavier down the roads I knew when they were all dirt. Indelible, however, is the sense of place and the memory of flying rides to a best friend's house, where our horses made the turn into front yards, ready, or not!

My Magic Cowboy