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Rusty Watson

My name is Rusty Watson and I currently live in Mt. Vernon, IL. I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, among a large group of very talented family members who worked and created fine art, sang opera, played musical instruments and read novels with a passion. After obtaining my fine art degree from Washington University, I had an exciting career as a fashion designer but when the workday was over, I usually had my "head in a book." My desire to learn permitted me to go back to college and obtain my teaching degree. I hope I have instilled that same desire for knowledge in the hearts and minds of the hundreds of Kindergarten and Art students I have taught through the years. I believe this cognizance has manifested itself in my desire to research and write about the past generations who have nurtured us and set examples for our behaviors. History is my interest but the retelling of it within the structure of a personal story is my passion. After all, how can we face the future without learning from the past?

Although I am currently teaching art and free lancing as a childrens' book illustrator, this is my first written novel. Creating words on a page is similar to creating artistic marks on a canvas. I feel blessed to be able to make my family proud

The Idler