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Tim Kreiter

Tim Kreiter is a retired Aerospace Engineer who has worked for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the NASA Lewis Research Center, the Kitt Peak National Observatory, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed Martin, and the Jacobs Engineering Team.  He has earned a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from the Ohio State University, a Certificate of Professional Cartooning from the Famous Artists School of Westport Connecticut, and a Certificate of Graduate Studies from the Dallas Theological Seminary.  He is now a substitute teacher.

At JPL, Mr. Kreiter wrote a technical article about age-dating the moon, which was published in the Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.  At the Lewis Research Center, he authored six NASA technical reports on interplanetary launch opportunities.  At Kitt Peak Observatory, Mr. Kreiter served as editor, columnist, and cartoonist for the company newsletter, Spectrum.  At McDonnell Douglas, he was a columnist and cartoonist for the company newsletter.  At Lockheed Martin, he was columnist and cartoonist for the National Management Association (NMA) Monthly Newsletter and columnist and cartoonist for the weekly safety newsletter, Getting with the Program.   At Jacobs Engineering he was editor, columnist, and cartoonist for the monthly safety newsletter, To the Rescue.

Mr. Kreiter developed five adult education courses for personnel at the Johnson Space Center, including: Being a Good Communicator, Developing Interpersonal Skills, English Grammar Tune-Up, Conducting Productive Meetings, and Practical Thinking and Decision Making.  Nearly two-thousand employees took these courses.

Mr. Kreiter has, in addition, created and copyrighted educational games for the past 40 years including the Participative Management Game (used corporation-wide at McDonnell Douglas and other major U.S. companies), Mr. Truelove, a sex education game used by the Harris County Youth Facility, and Stinkin’ Thinkin’, used by the Houston Independent School district in their health classes.  He has also developed scores of bible-based games. Three (Knock Knock, Coming Attractions, and Bible Match ‘n’ Tell) were published, and hundreds of copies were sold.

Finally, Mr. Kreiter has illustrated two books: Listen to American People Talking (ISBN 957-08-1446-2) and Customer-Centered Products (ISBN 0-8144-0568-1).

Here are a few compliments Tim has received from his associates:

“As a communicator, Tim puts the cookies on the bottom shelf.”  Pastor Herb Schreiner, Covenant Church, Tucson, Arizona.

“Tim has the knack for taking something complicated and making it understandable.”  Pastor Roger DeYoung, Hope Christian Reform Church, Clear Lake City, Texas.

“Tim is a right-brain, left-brain thinker - a true renaissance man.”  Robert Maddocks, Chief Engineer, Lockheed Martin, Houston, Texas. 

Tim has been married for 53 years and has four adult children and twelve grandchildren.  He and he wife live in Rio Rancho New Mexico.  Tim's hobbies include cartooning, astronomy, rock collecting, playing the trumpet, and reading.


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