Awards & Accolades For Our Books

  1. Geographic: A Memoir of Time and Space by Miriam Sagan, was a winner in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards
  2. Geographic: A Memoir of Time and Space by Miriam Sagan, was a finalist in the Southwest Book Design Awards
  3. A Million Dead Lawyers by Jonathan Miller, was a finalist in the New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards
  4. J.W. Valentine by Barbara Novack, was a finalist in the Pushcart Press’s Editor’s Book Award
  5. My Horse, My Self by Susan Washburn, won the 2015 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards
  6. A Dance in the Woods: A Mother's Insight by Janet K. Brennan, was a finalist in the 2015 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards
  7. The Healing Tree by Margaret Cheasebro, was a finalist in the 2015 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards
  8. One Calamitous Spring by Edward F. Mendez, was a finalist in the 2014 Southwest Book Design & Production Award
  9. One Calamitous Spring by Edward F. Mendez was a finalist in the 2013 New Mexico Book Awards
  10. This New Mountain by Cate Macabe (As Told By AJ Jackson) is a finalist in the 2012 New Mexico Book Awards
  11. Rhythm of My Heart by Frances Fanning is a finalist in the 2012 New Mexico Book Awards
  12. Harriet Murphy: A Little Bit of Something by Janet K. Brennan was honored with "Reviewer's Choice" by the Small Press Bookwatch
  13. In the Language of Women by Charles Fishman was awarded the "Paterson Award for Literary Excellence"
  14. Hooked by Dr. Jamie Smolen, finished in 2nd Place in the Southwest Book Design & Production Award

News for Our Authors

  1. Checks and royalty statements have been mailed and posted to your individual accounts for sales thru December, 2016. Please make sure that we have your current mailing address. If your account balance was at least $10.00 (USD), your statement and check were mailed on January 30, 2017. Next royalty payment is July 31, 2017 which will cover all sales thru June 30, 2017.


Contract Updates

Rusty Watson. A novel Celtic Threads (contract signed).

Pending Contracts

Pending Contracts

Janet K. Brennan, Harriet Murphy Book 2.

Lynn Strongin, a poetry book Children of the Lime Burners

Titles Released in 2016


The Wound Dresser - Jack Coulehan

The Wound Dresser"The Wound Dresser," Jack Coulehan's sixth collection of poems, explores the mysterious tension between tenderness and steadiness in medical practice. Surprised at his own conflicted feelings about his role as a physician, Coulehan seeks to emulate the tender care shown by Walt Whitman as he comforted wounded Civil War soldiers . In so doing, he discovers the healing power of human contact and engagement. With directness, passion, and often humor, these poems evoke an ethic of compassionate solidarity - between patient and doctor, person and family, the individual and the human community. Robert Pinsky, Poet Laureate of the United States from 1997 to 2000, selected "The Wound Dresser" as a finalist for the 2016 Dorset Poetry Prize.

Grabbing the Apple - Editors: Terri Muuss & M.J. Tenerelli

Grabbing the AppleThe story of Eve has been, more often than not, interpreted by men. Eve has been presented as impulsive, disobedient and ignorant. But what if Eve were the real hero and mother of us all? Where would we be had she never looked for knowledge, asked the important questions, challenged the powers that be? In this beautiful collection of over 40 New York women poets, the strength, vitality and unique voices of women emerge to answer some of these questions. Energy, savvy, wisdom and power emanate from these poems, both individually and as a collection. The women whose work has been anthologized in this collection are as bold as New York, as brave as Eve. Not content to have their stories told for them, these poets grab the apple with both hands and tell it themselves. Grabbing the Apple is a powerful an amazing resource for any reader or student who wants to explore an in-depth selection of work from some of New York’s finest and strongest women poets.


A Witches' Garden - Trish Breedlove

A Million Dead LawyersFrom the very basics of where to place your garden, how big should it be, what plants should you include all the way down to how to use the bounty of your harvest, Trish leaves no stone unturned and the only questions that remain are; When will you start your own and What are you waiting for?

Take Any Ship That Sails - Michele Heeney

Take Any Ship That SailsThis 5th book of Michele's spans 45 years of writing poems and thousands of miles of geography. It is a selection of poems from when Michele was in her teens in Pennsylvania to recent poems inspired by the beautiful mountains and Mesas of New Mexico. There are poems from Monterey and Marin counties, California. From times spent writing at Esalenin Big Sur. A few are from her time in Hawaii. They cover nature, love, art, and personal growth. There are some of free verse and classical form. Her favorite poets are many, including the sufi poets Rumi and Hafiz, the English and Irish poets, including Seamus Heaney. If you love poetry, this is a book for you.


Geographic - Miriam Sagan

A Million Dead LawyersMiriam Sagan has written a book that tells in poetic beauty the often difficult and frequently uplifting history of her own life and challenges as she tumbles through the mixture of events that helped contribute to the writer that she is today.


Titles Released in 2015

A Million Dead Lawyers - Jonathan Miller

A Million Dead Lawyers"What do you call a thousand dead lawyers at the bottom of the sea?" "A good start."

Sam Marlow, a street-front lawyer from present day Albuquerque, suddenly finds himself in the year 2112. There are no attorneys and all verdicts are rendered by computer. He has to handle the first actual jury trial in nearly a hundred years. The governor's son is accused of killing his wife, and the whole system lies in the balance. Needless to say, nothing is what it seems and yet some people seem strangely familiar.

With the help of a beautiful wannabe lawyer, he's soon able to get started in this brave new legal world, even though the authorities are against them. But is the Albuquerque of the future ready for a rattlesnake lawyer?


Judicial Indiscretion - Michael Arkin

Judicial IndiscretionWhen a local attorney in Mimbres, New Mexico, is indicted and charged with murder of a Judge, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Linda Lawson of The San Diego Times, enlists Matt Lucas to assist in the defense. Matt, an experienced attorney turned investigator recently relocated from Northern California collaborates with the local Public Defender. Lucas discovers that a banker and The Matranga Cartel may be connected. While investigating, Sheriff Fred Baca and Lucas are almost killed by a Cartel hit squad in Juarez, Mexico. Lucas escapes harm when his home becomes the target of a new hit attempt.


The Healing Tree - Margaret Cheasebro

The Healing TreeWhen three children meet at summer camp, they discover that in a past life they fled from an evil woman who tried to steal their blood and their powerful connection to nature so she could rule the world. To their horror, the children find the evil woman at camp, posing as Jasmine, the rich owner’s girlfriend, and she still wants their blood. A magical cottonwood helps them flee to a Pueblo village that stood on the camp site 900 years ago. There, they meet a traveling medicine man, who helps them, but Sage Handler, the village medicine man, tries to turn villagers against them. Using the time traveling cottonwood, Jasmine joins forces with Sage Handler. Mysterious Baba, the summer camp’s caretaker, lends his aid as the kids and star warriors, who befriend them, try to thwart Jasmine’s plans. Can the children believe in themselves, outwit their enemies, and defeat Jasmine before she achieves her goal of ruling the world?


Welcome to Gold Street - Samantha Clark

Welcome to Gold StreetThis great book shows how a middle aged woman can change her life and start over following divorce. Nancy moved to a new city, Albuquerque, where she opens her own quilt shop and quickly discovers that along with new friends she has to deal with the ghosts on Gold Street.


Fabrytius' Chylde - Lynn Strongin

Fabrytius' ChyldeThe dark and the bright light of seventeenth century Holland permeates this love story. This is the light in which Fabrytius, Rembrandt’s most illustrious pupil, painted. Is the light his chylde? Or is it the passion between two women in a Boston marriage? We are mystically called forth to decide. It is the story of Angel and Velvet, both theatre buffs and book lovers. How they struggle to overcome a nearly tragic decision in a southern town is revealed. The core of the book is a crisis which, in age, challenges them to rise; a phoenix from the fire rather than swirl in the heavenly chiaroscuro light of seventeenth century Holland, angels in ashes.


86 Sonnets for the 21st Century - Mary Barnet

86 Sonnets for the 21st Century86 Sonnets for the 21st Century is a book of modern day poetry in which Mary Barnet writes of her challenges in life with family and friends.


The Strange Tale of Hector and Hannah Crowe - Nathaniel Hensley

The Strange Tale of Hector and Hannah CroweHector and Hannah Crowe are no strangers to the bizarre and supernatural. Ghosts, ghouls, mad scientists and revenants come with the territory when you are the children of the world’s foremost paranormal investigators. The Crowes live in Strange Manor, the most haunted house in the most haunted little town in America, in the middle of a deep dark wood filled with mysterious beasts. This lifestyle is anything but strange for the Crowe children. But on this night the Crowes face the most dangerous and terrifying night of their young lives. An ancient evil has been unleashed in the bowels of Strange Manor, something that is dark and powerful … and knows who they are.


A Dance in the Woods: A Mother's Insight - Janet K. Brennan

A Dance in the Woods: A Mother's InsightBrennan has created the most remarkable work of art, the wonder-work of a genius. It is a complete revelation of an intensely individual apprehension of death. "A Dance in the Woods" in essence, is the author Brennan herself, as she tries to find a way to recover from the trauma of her daughter death, and her burning passion searches some sign of her resurrection so that she might find peace of mind. -- Dr. Santosh Kumar, Dean of English, A.D. College, Allahabad


Titles Released in 2014

All I Can Gather & Give - Patti Tana

All I Can Gather & GiveAll I Can Gather & Give is a book of seventy-five poems by Patti Tana that is composed of three sections: "The Ally You Have Chosen," "Imperfect Circles," and "Every Season Has Its Beauty." This ninth collection of poems is a tribute to the poet's sources of inspiration in nature and the people she loves. In a voice intimate and accessible, Tana finds words to transcend adversity and affirm a life that is passionately lived.


My Horse, My Self: Life Lessons from Taos Horsewomen - Susan Erlandson Washburn

My Horse, My SelfMy Horse, My Self: Life Lessons from Taos Horsewomen is a collection of intimate interviews with eighteen passionate and self-reliant horsewomen living in Northern New Mexico. Speaking from the heart, they describe the ways their horses have sustained them through trauma, forced them to discover strengths---and weaknesses---they didn’t know they had, and helped them develop the confidence to become more truly themselves. The interviews are accompanied by photographic portraits that convey the essence of each woman’s story and depict the stark beauty of Taos’ high desert surroundings.


The Idler - Rusty Watson

The IdlerJeremiah Watts, in a drunken stupor, signs a seaman certificate and suddenly finds himself aboard the Ann Alexander, a rickety whaling ship. While aboard this ship, he begins a transformation as he gains maturity and begins to resolve his authority figure issues. This story is drawn from his journal and love letters covering the years he spent aboard the Ann Alexander.


More Adventures of a Substitute Teacher - Tim Kreiter

More Adventures of a Substitute TeacherMore Adventures of a Substitute Teacher gives readers a glimpse of the often amusing, frequently hilarious, and always entertaining happenings inside contemporary classrooms. These real life adventures are seen through the eyes of one who loves children, filtered through the imagination of one who relishes humor, and illustrated by the itchy fingers of one enjoys cartooning. The stories are true, the names are false, and the illustrations are exaggerations. A thoroughly delightful read.


One Calamitous Spring A Novel of Santa Fe - Edward F. Mendez

Laws & LoveTheodora Mercedes has deep Santa Fe roots but her focus is on the present and tomorrow, and not on where she looks, but in what she sees. Making a better world, creating a stronger family, and paying attention to the universe that gives her life are where she puts her energies.


Laws & Loves: Tales of the Rattlesnake Lawyer - Jonathan Miller

Laws & LoveLaws & Loves contains the real stories of the Rattlesnake Lawyer. Jonathan Miller is a practicing criminal defense attorney in New Mexico and the author of eight books. These are the chronicles of his early years, how he learned to balance the law with literature, all while looking for love in all the wrong courtrooms. This book is a must for anyone thinking of practicing law or falling in love.


Titles Released in 2013

Matilda Takes Ballet - Janet Yaeger

Matilda Takes BalletIn this second in a series of Matilda books by Janet Yaeger and illustrated by Rusty Watson, Matilda demonstrates the importance of supporting a friend in ballet class, even though she must put her pre-conceived notions aside about her own appearance in a tutu. Even Matilda's mother realizes that she is learning from her daughter. The life lesson in this volume is that a friend is not someone who can solve all of your problems, but someone who will not allow you to face them alone.


My Magic Cowboy - Katy Lente

My Magic CowboyAs budding anthropologist, Carly Brumley, enters her junior year in high school, she continues the slow process of healing from the loss of her beloved little brother, Cord. She employs a big gray Quarter Horse, raised and broken by her uncle, to help her regain her passion for riding. Carly's artistic boyfriend, Danny O'Hara, carefully pushes his way, along with his secret, into the center of Carly's world.


Serenity and Beauty - Rita Mosiman

Serenity and BeautyAs an avid hiker feeling a strong connection to the land and nature's artistry, I decided to create an art book, which will hopefully assuage the gloomy clouds of recent global economic woes. Nature is inspiring, soothing, exciting, and powerful. It helps us to remember that true beauty in life exists in the simplest of things, which reach every soul open to them if only we look, sense, and feel.


Over Exposed - Terri Muuss

Over ExposedIn the pages that follow, Muuss brings us close to what we might describe as the secret war, the intimate war, which resides in closed rooms, in seemingly ordinary homes. Yet these poems are written, reader, with such delicacy, such concern for image, for pause, and purpose-for, in fact, beauty.


A City at Night - Michael E. Kushner

A City at NightIn a time-travel mystery, a person with a love of antiquities becomes involved in a murder investigation. The investigation, however, will lead him to much more than he could have ever bargained for.


Echoes of My Soul - Lisa Arnold

Echoes of My SoulEchoes of My Soul is a powerful debut collection of poems from emerging poet Lisa Arnold. Lisa’s boldly written and vividly expressed poems explore faith, spirituality, fear, death, hope and redemption. The poems included in this captivating book are heart-wrenching and spiritually uplifting as well as fearlessly bold and intense. Lisa touches on various dark themes as well such as isolation, insanity, rage, loss of faith, longing, homelessness and death. Echoes of My Soul is a striking debut from a gifted and prolific poet that takes readers on a journey and allows readers to peek inside one woman’s heart and soul.


Tango Sunday - Janet K. Brennan

Tango SundayTango Sunday is a collection of fictional short stories about life on the edge. In Janet K. Brennan's seventh book, she never fails to seduce the reader into realizing that life is not always as it seems to be. True to Janet K. Brennan's style and philosophy, she titillates the ready with good doses of revenge, ghosties, life in the spiritual world and death. Author Brennan aptly demonstrates in these dark and twilight zone tales that "Life simply is"


Titles Released in 2012

Something Like Life - Barbara Novack

Something Like LifeIn this neat and intelligent book of poetry Something Like Life author Barbara Novack describes the often subliminal messages that are sent to us every day in the beauty and sadness we often see around us in nature and human experience.


Anasazi Ruin - Jon Hovis

Spirits of the JungleAnasazi Ruin follows the life of a young man as he grows up during the high point of life in Chaco Canyon in 1100 A.D. The story follows his life as he grows to follow in his father's footsteps and beyond as the life as he knows it is changing for the worse. Get an insight into pueblo life and culture as you read this intriguing book as it details the fall of the greatest empire to ever exist in this part of the world.


Spirits of the Jungle - Shirley Jones & Jacquelyn Yznaga

Spirits of the Jungle Spirits of the Jungle is a science fiction/fantasy set deep in the jungles of Central America. Cheryl, an archaeology student, two professors, and other archaeology students venture into the jungles of South America to excavate Mayan ruins. Their excavations discover lavish treasures, crystal caves and artifacts, but there is a frequent presence of rebel soldiers in a country where war is a daily occurrence with a brutality toward Mayan villagers.They eventually experience alien creatures and lights of an unknown source, not of this earth.


Art Effects - Connie Gotsch

Art EffectsAfter a painting disappears from the Mesa City Art Museum in New Mexico, and art objects vanish from galleries and restaurants around town, Shelby McCoy, an investigative reporter with the Mesa Vista Times, begins an investigation. Her fiancé, Benjamin Keith, suspects that Charlie Pearson has taken them, since he has a history of stealing to pay gambling debts. This final book by Connie Gotsch will keep you turning the pages.


This New Mountain - Cate Macabe

This New MountainLike most private investigators AJ Jackson has more than one foot in the fire to make ends meet – driving a tow truck and serving legal documents for local law firms. But not every PI is a mother of four, a grandmother of ten, an ex-gun dealer and former mental patient, or a descendant of a great Choctaw chief. This is a memoir of Vinnie Ann "AJ" Jackson, a country girl with a go-to-hell attitude who must face her fears in order to keep her sanity and make a future for herself.


Diary of a Merchant Seaman - Andrew Shiston

Diary of a Merchant SeamanAndrew Shiston, a boy from the island of portland in the UK, discovers life on the sea when he is forced to make a life changing decision at the age of 15. This account was taken from Andrew's journals scribed during the 25 years he sailed the seven seas.


Orphan Thorns - Lynn Strongin

Orphan ThornsIn this touching and often heart wrenching book, Lynn Strongin explores the beauty of the human soul and it's ability to rise above physical as well as psychological illness.


Rhythm of My Heart - Frances Fanning

Rhythm of My HeartMaritza is a young New Mexican woman whose life is turned upside down when she must leave her native desert land for the east coast. Rhythm of My Heart demonstrates how deep our roots go and how sometimes we cannot find happiness or fulfill our destiny until we return to those places of the heart.


Matilda's Upside Down Smile - Janet Yaeger

Holiday Word GiftsMatilda is misunderstood by her classmates, and the one thing she desires the most seems so difficult for her to attain - acceptance. Read how this little girl discovers the secret of oversoming this problem. The first in a series, geared for late pre-school through 5th grade, but certainly a lesson we carry on through all of our years.

We are proud to announce that this was the first children's book to be released by Casa de Snapdragon.


Titles Released in 2011

Holiday Word Gifts - Janet K. Brennan

Holiday Word Gifts that seems to be filled with chaos and busy schedules that we take the time to remember our holiday traditions and, for some, religious meaning for just what it is to celebrate the holidays. More and more we go into malls and shops only to find the same thing we find the rest of the year. Where are the decorations? Where are the lighted trees and beautiful menorrahs we have always seen and cherished? I realized that we really do not need any of those things to help us remain peaceful and joyful through what should be a holy and festive time of year, for the holidays are and will always be in our hearts. They are a part of the loving words that we speak to our God, families, and one another. I wanted to put together a holiday book that would feature writers, artists, and photographers from around the world. In this book, you will join my friends, some of the most talented artists in the world, in their gifts of word to you at this very special time of the year.


Hooked - Dr. Jamie Smolen

HookedBuddy, a scrawny, introverted, pimple faced teen, can't resist the lure of the beautiful and seductive Sidney who offers him a pain pill...the way to instant fun and excitement, and for Buddy, a false sense of acceptance. He rapidly descends into the ugly and brutal world of prescription drug addiction. His only hope is to choose the sober path of recovery...not knowing that true happiness will be his greatest gift


Adventures of a Substitute Teacher - Tim Kreiter

Adventures of a Substitute TeacherAdventures of a Substitute Teacher gives readers a glimpse of the often amusing, frequently hilarious, and always entertaining happenings inside contemporary classrooms. These real life adventures are seen through the eyes of one who loves children, filtered through the imagination of one who relishes humor, and illustrated by the itchy fingers of one who enjoys cartooning. The stories are true, the names are false, and illustrations are exaggerations. A thoroughly delightful read!


A Thousand Doors - Matt Pasca

A Thousand DoorsPoet Matt Pasca explores how personal suffering can be transformed into grace, as if through alchemy, when that grief can be shared with others. Using the Buddhist "Mustard Seed" parable as scaffolding, Pasca's work pays homage to Kisa Gotami's quest to save her son by finding a home where, impossibly, no suffering has befallen the inhabitants. Pasca's poems manuever deftly between the seemingly simple and mundane details of the world around us and the sublime world we often miss in the myopia of our pain. Just as Gotami comes to see her grief reflected in the eyes behind the doors upon which she desperately knocks, we too find our own sorrows and pleasures illumined by the light of Pasca's unflinching exploration and delicate crafting. In the end, A Thousand Doors testifies to the necessity of sharing our stories with courage and vulnerability, and how doing so can lead us further down the path of joy.


Dark Salt - Lynn Strongin

Dark SaltIn this collection of late works by Lynn Strongin, we find that perfect balance of salt and water spiced with symbolism and metaphor that poet Strongin does so well. Jewish Temple offerings included salt and Jewish people still dip their bread in salt on the Sabbath as a remembrance of those sacrifices.


In the Language of Women - Charles Adés Fishman

In his second book from In the Language of Women Casa de Snapdragon, Charles Adès Fishman focuses entirely on women - their memories, dreams, griefs, triumphs, and visions. In the Language of Women honors women's lives and frees the voices of those who have found it difficult, if not impossible, to address actions and events that have wounded and transformed them. It is also a book of fifty-two unforgettable poems in which the distinctive journeys of more than thirty women have been rescued from oblivion and brought to vivid life.


That Glorious Child, Fynn - Lynn Strongin

Lynn Strongin's book, That Glorious Child, Fynn, is a cornucopia of stories about children That Glorious Child, Fynnnorth, south and Irish. The heartbeat is a special needs child, Fynn. In one sense he is one of the new indigo children, exceptionally gifted as well as otherworldly: smaller than other children, a mystical boy born with milk white curls which mysteriously turn black as coal in early childhood. It is also a love story between two women, Fynn's mother, Megan, who is haunted by her strange child, and Erika, born in post world war II Europe. Primarily, this book is an interwoven theme of how Fynn develops in his very specially imagined world. A poignant sub-theme is the friendship and love between the two women, Megan and Erika, expressed in a series of letters written to each other like bursts of star-fire. Open the pages of this book and fall into a tale that shows what happens to alter Fynn's fate and place in the world as he suffers through a violent event in his mother's life; indeed, a tragedy that alters the course of all their lives forever.


Titles Released in 2010

Silverton Gold - Jon Hovis

Silverton Gold

From the author of Preacher and The Feather Gang comes an historically accurate tale of a Pinkerton agent tracking stolen gold and outlaws in the high country of Colorado. This wonderful novel showcases life, danger, and mining in the wild west of the 1890s.


A Partial View Toward Nazareth - Kathryn Rantala

Kathryn presents five narratives in prose poetry that explore how the mind orders the universe, how we interpret past and present life experiences, especially relating to grief and loss, under the influence of art and architecture, music, natural history, other formal studies and pop culture--and vice versa.. A Partial View Toward Nazareth was released September 27, 2010 and is available at almost any book store.


Arrival - Mary Barnet

A beautiful book of poetry and contains amazing illustrations by Richard E. Schiff. Arrival was released June 7, 2010 and is available at almost any book store.


Storiana - Penelope Weiss

A book of short stories about life in New York City which was released in Paperback and is available in all online bookstores and most brick and mortar stores.


Gentle Tugs - Janet K. Brennan

Possibly Janet K. Brennan's finest book of poetry to date. Includes wonderful poems by Peggie Devan, Charles Adés Fishman, and Janet Yaeger and has been released in Paperback and is available in all online bookstores and most brick and mortar stores.


Titles Released in 2009

Water under Water - Charles Adés Fishman

Water under Water by Charles Adés Fishman has been released in Paperback and Kindle formats and is available in all online bookstores and most brick and mortar stores. This book is already being used as a textbook for creative writing classes at Farmingdale College in New York and we received a query from a college in Illinois to use it there as well.


The Making of Tibias Ivory - D. Allen Jenkins

D. Allen Jenkins' sequel The Making of Tibias Ivory: Through the Eyes of Innocence was released October 17, 2009 after a very successful pre-order period. It's available at most any online bookstores and is available for special order in almost any brick and mortar bookstore.


Spectral Freedom - Lynn Strongin

Lynn Strongin newest book Spectral Freedom: Selected Poetry, Criticism, and Prose was released on August 21 and is available at all online bookstores. We were so impressed with this book that we submitted it to the Pulitzer Prize committee for a nomination.


The Poetry Cafe - John Newlin

California poet, John Newlin, presents a wonderful collection of his finest poetry.


Harriet Murphy - Janet K. Brennan

Janet K. Brennan introduces her first in a series of short stories revolving around life in the hills surrounding Lake Tahoe in the late 1890s and early 1900s. Selected as Reviewer's Choice by Small Press Bookwatch - March 2010